Our range of sausages, burgers and balls are soy-free, gluten-free and packed full of flavour.




Traditional – pack of 6 (340g)
Mild Chilli – pack of 6 (340g)

Traditional – pack of 4 (360g)
Mild Chilli – pack of 4 (360g)
Beetroot – pack of 4 (360g)
Butternut – pack of 4 (360g)

Beetroot – pack of 16 (320g)
Butternut – pack of 16 (320g)

Five different spices are blended together for our traditional flavour and the mild chilli will warm your mouth without any sweating or burn! We use an edible seaweed casing for our sausages so your Veggiewors will brown beautifully on the braai.

The addition of beetroot roasted with balsamic vinegar and wild foraged rosemary or butternut roasted in smoked paprika and turmeric in our premium range make them a firm family favourite.

A great alternative to our sausages and burgers, our beetballs and butternut balls are as versatile as they are delicious. They’re fabulous pan fried and combined with some crisp leaves for a summer salad. For a winter warmer add the Veggiewors balls to your favourite sauce and serve with pasta and fresh basil. Or for a quick snack, simply heat in the oven and serve with a healthy hummus dip.

We are not a meat-replacement product, we’re simple, and easy to prepare food all the family can enjoy.